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You Appreciate More

Going to kind of continue off my last post in regards to having your perspective and outlook on a lot of things changed when you make the choice to be a volunteer for an organization and talk about how much it makes you appreciate everything in your life a lot more than you would have before.

The two can kind of be intertwined but they are very important to talk about and are the biggest things that I have noticed in my own life from volunteering at SPITAK.

Didn’t See Myself Here

landIf you would have asked me when I was a kid where I saw myself in 30 years there is no way I would have ever said working for my uncle’s company as a landscaper here in America. The idea probably would have made me sick and I would have done everything I could to not make that happen. I really didn’t start making good choices in my life until I started as a volunteer, and I really was not heading down a good path.

Now that I have seen the things I have seen as a search and rescue worker, I wake up every day thanking God that I am still alive and that I have a great job which allows me to live comfortably and surround myself with good people. I cannot imagine anyone who wouldn’t have the same outcome with some meaningful volunteering and if you are ever in a rut, I promise you this can do wonders for anyone’s mental health.

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