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If there is anyone out there reading this who has never volunteered for anything before, and if there is one thing that I would like anyone to take from this whole thing is please just give it a try. No matter how big or how small the work may be, it will only change your life and outlook on life for the better. This is something that I promise and guarantee.

Anyone Can Do It

13There has never been anyone in my life that I have met who has ever done any sort of volunteer work and they have regretted it for any reason. It is just something that everyone can feel good about doing and there is so much help that is needed around the world.

The work that I did at SPITAK was something that I will never forget and I am a completely different man because of it. That being said, it was basically a full time job for me and it really did a lot of time and dedication but not everyone has to do something as extreme as search and rescuing. But there is something that anyone could enjoy doing and really help make a difference in the world. Even going to your local animal shelter can make a huge difference and I would encourage anyone to give it a try.

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