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Different World View

saveNot many people can say that they have seen the things that I have and to have been completely involved in such a different culture than we are used to now here in America. After the years of working as a volunteer, I have had a completely different view on the world around me and this is every day of my life. There is not a single day that has gone by since my work where I don’t look back and think about the experiences that I had.

To get a little bit more of an understanding of some of the work that I did as a search and rescue worker, click here and check out some of the info that they have on their site. This obviously isn’t who I worked for but it has a lot of the work that I did and can probably paint a little bit better of a picture than I can.

No Sugar Coating It

The world can be a very scary place and there is no denying that. The majority of people neglect to acknowledge this fact and sort of go through life without addressing it and just hoping that the potential ugliness of the world doesn’t reach their own lives. Personally, I have seen how ugly it can be and after witnessing lives being lost and the genuine emotions that can follow, I can never look at the world around me the same way.

I think this has been a positive thing for me. I don’t want to pretend things can get bad and it really makes me appreciate what I have in my life.

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